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Faith | Family | Respect

Faith: Is believing in what you cannot see. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. Dream BIG.

Family: A Circle of Strength, founded on faith, joined in love. Your Family is the best team you could ever have. They are your support whether it's your relatives, teachers, coaches, or teammates.

Respect: Respond in an appropriate manner to everyone. Pay attention and participate. Encourage, not discourage others. Come prepared to learn. Take responsibility for your actions. Think before you speak.

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Upcoming Tournament


March 7th - 8th

The 2020 WAVEFEST hosted by West Florida Waves, is a two-day youth indoor volleyball tournament held at Foley Event Center.

General Admission

There is a $5 per day admission charge for person's 13 and older. Coaches and Athletes are admitted free of charge.


West Florida Waves


Foley Event Center
1001 E Pride Blvd.
Foley, AL 36535


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