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Beach Volleyball Training

Emails were sent out to those that registered.


Please bring proof of USAV Registration

Practice drop off and pickup Procedures:

  • Parents can drop off their child as long as you see a coach present. 
  • Parents can stay and watch the practice.
  • A coach will be on site till everyone is picked up. 
  • Practice ends at 6pm.  If you are running late please notify your child or a coach.
  • If the weather changes during practice we will continue unless lighting appears.  Everyone will go under a sheltered area until everyone is picked up.

Information about Practice and Weather Cancelations.

  • If a practice is cancelled it will be posted on our website or on our Facebook page please make sure you check both and refresh the page.  We will post the day of by 3pm. 
  • If a practice is cancelled it will be made up in increments of 30mins to an end of certain practice days. Everyone will be notified before hand. 
  • We will continue practice in the rain or drizzle as long as there is no lighting.  If the weather is to too harsh we will cancel. 

Where to REACH US for Info or an EMERGENCY

Coach Carolina Rangel 850-737-0710  Call or Text  If its during a practice leave a text message or voicemail.



For Practice Info:


Faith | Family | Respect

Faith: Is believing in what you cannot see. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. Dream BIG.

Family: A Circle of Strength, founded on faith, joined in love. Your Family is the best team you could ever have. They are your support whether it's your relatives, teachers, coaches, or teammates.

Respect: Respond in an appropriate manner to everyone. Pay attention and participate. Encourage, not discourage others. Come prepared to learn. Take responsibility for your actions. Think before you speak.

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